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Posted on March 01, 2022

School Fee Collections – Frequently Asked Questions

How important are terms?

The most important ! Your terms are the backbone to your contract with the enrolling parties.

It is important to review your terms from time to time to ensure they are current, consistent and streamlined. If you have a solid set of terms, you will find that you are able to more easily resolve disputes.

What are the consequences of only one enrolling party signing an enrolment form?

You may only pursue one party in the event of a breach of any of your terms. This doesn’t only relate to non-payment – terms may allow you to act upon other bad behaviour.

Are both biological parents entitled to school information if only one parent signs the enrolment form or if one biological parent and one step parent sign?

Difficulty arises when you receive a request from a non-enrolling biological parent to access enrolment information. From the outset, there are two main categories of information – a) student information and b) financial information. As a general rule, the said party will not be entitled to financial information. It is likely, however, that a non-enrolling biological parent will be entitled to student information. Requests should be properly reviewed and if there is any doubt, seek advice.

Compliance with Family Court Orders – yes or no?

The short answer is no. The reason for this, is because unless you are named as a party in the proceedings, then you are not bound to follow any of the orders.

Often Family Court Orders will reference arrangements about education and who is to pay, so it is often relevant to have a copy. The orders may prompt you to review your enrolment information and contact the family to discuss further.

What should we bear in mind when entering into a private arrangement for payment?

Be careful that you do not vary or compromise your enrolment agreements. This may most commonly occur when entering into payment arrangements with families and / or one of the enrolling parties (split billing arrangements). Advice should be sought from the outset so you have the correct processes to negotiate an enforceable outcome.