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Posted on November 19, 2023

Recovering fees – a success story

In our articles, we often write about the steps Schools should take to assist in the event of a dispute. To that end, it is reassuring when a Court confirms that well-implemented enrolment processes and documents will support a School when seeking to recover fees.

We recently acted for a School who sought to recover fees, with a Trial Judge determining in favour of the School for the full amount of fees plus commission. We provide an overview of the hurdle and the reasons for success below.

What were the hurdles we had to overcome?

Why did the College succeed?

The Trial Judge subsequently worked through the matter finding that upon the evidence filed, there was no reason not to order the parent to pay the outstanding fees with commission and claimable legal costs. The

As the 2023 school year concludes and arrangements are underway to review ledgers in anticipation of the 2024 school year, we welcome any enquiries that you might have regarding enrolments and fee recovery. Our team at Platinum Collection Agency and Lynch Meyer Lawyers are leaders in the education sector. Please contact Alice Carter on 08 8236 7626 or should you wish to have a free, no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation. Our teams wish you all a safe and enjoyable festive season.