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Posted on August 01, 2022

Enrolments – the good, the bad and the ugly!

3 case studies to learn from

1. Enrolment forms for child signed by mum and dad. Enrolment commences, but then mum and dad withdraw child from school without giving the appropriate notice. School charges withdrawal fees, but those fees are not paid. Mum and dad claim there are extenuating circumstances which prevent mum and dad from complying with withdrawal clause. School stand firm and consistently refer to its signed paperwork and

Lesson: Properly completed documents with clear and defined policies will allow you to firmly enforce the relevant policy notwithstanding any “special” circumstances that enrolling parties may try and argue.

2. Enrolment forms for child signed by mum and dad. Enrolment commences, only mum sent billing and payment information. Account falls into arrears. Account referred to Platinum. Upon receipt of instructions, a review of the file is undertaken. Contact is made with dad, who was not aware of arrears. A resolution of the account is reached.

Lesson: If accounts are not being paid, review enrolment and communicate with all parties rather than just the primary contact point.

3. Enrolment forms for two children signed by mum and dad. Parents separated at the time. Mum directs and assumes sole responsibility for billing and payment for 5 years. During the sixth year of enrolment, mum seeks that School commence sending dad billing and payment information. School decline given direction at commencement of enrolment and her conduct during the course of the enrolment. Mum only pays 50% of fees from that point onwards. Account falls into arrears. Matter referred to Platinum, but doesn’t resolve. Proceedings issued again mum. Dad joined to the proceedings by mum. School becomes involved in a messy, expensive and ultimately, personal dispute between mum and dad.

Lesson: Take great caution when requests are made by one party to assume responsibility for billing and payment. If these requests are made, communicate with all parties on the enrolment to ensure agreement.