Platinum Collection Agency offers the following premium services to our clients.

Handshake and agreement

Debt Collection

The formal pre legal process of collecting overdue accounts. Working with our clients to determine the most effective collection method for their business, using leading edge technology to deliver results in a timely manner.

Credit Checking & Scored Enquiries

Reviewing your debtors aged trial balance and actively following up outstanding debts as your representative.

Skip Tracing

Offering two levels of investigation to determine the location or contact details of a debtor who has skipped their last known address. Our experienced team will exercise all legal options to find and contact the debtor.

Legal Services

We engage a legal firm who specialize in debt recovery to assist Platinum Collection Agency with any legal action situation that may arise. We ensure our clients receive the best professional legal assistance in a timely manner.

Field Calls & Process Serving

Engaging experienced and lawful field officers to physically attend the address of a debtor to either confirm residency or to carry out the personal service of legal documents on your behalf.


Providing hands on advice for reviewing current agreements, applications and standard documents to secure your debts recoverability. Our team of qualified accountants and consultants can review your operational processes to improve your general credit management.

Other Services

Credit Management

Reviewing your Debtors Aged Trial Balance and actively following up outstanding
debts, representing your business. Improves your organisations’ cashflow and all
debtor communications are recorded for your reference.

Accounts Receivable Temp Service

Providing a skilled and professional resource to cover an accounts receivable or credit officer role for short to medium term for your organisation.

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