Like Tax, Bad Debts are a part of doing business.

Platinum Collection Agency was established by likeminded, passionate professionals combining their backgrounds of accounting, credit management and diverse work experience to provide a premium debt collection service.

Although there is a negative connotation in the role of a debt collector, by following the industry guidelines and our own ethical values, we can still successfully recover unpaid accounts for our clients.

We are compliant and professional and only use external providers who also meet our corporate values.

By engaging Platinum Collection Agency, you have a legal tool at your disposal to achieve the collection of money and improve your business performance.

When would you benefit from engaging Platinum Collection Agency?

  • When a debtor stops communicating
  • When they are not meeting their payment obligations
  • When your business’ cash flow depends on collecting overdue debt.

What makes Platinum Collection Agency a premium service?

  • A personalised service from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • We belong to the Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM)
  • Our range of ancillary services

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